How to Build a Pet First Aid Kit

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

A good pet first aid kit is essential to have in the house and on the go, but building (or buying) a first aid kit doesn't need to be time consuming or confusing! When looking to build or buy a pet first aid kit, be sure the kit includes the following essentials:

Flat gauze

Rolled gauze

First aid tape

Eye wash***


Scissors (for cutting bandage material)

A variety of antiseptic wipes and antibiotic ointment

A towel or small blanket if you have a cat

A muzzle and slip leash if you have a dog

Beyond these basics, a first aid kit can be as complex and fancy as you'd like it to be! Other useful items include:

Hot and cold packs (disposable)

Mini clippers (for removing stubborn foxtails or burrs and tree sap, trimming fur away from a wound, and minor grooming fixes)

Colorful, cohesive wrap such as Vet Wrap

A boot if you have a dog (two sizes larger than normal, to cover a paw bandage)

SAM splint

Thermometer with water based lube and alcohol wipes - LABELED for your pet

Tick key or other commercial tick removal device

Medical gloves (not essential)

Work gloves


Baby wipes

Extra eye wash

Most items can be purchased at a regular pharmacy or from an online first aid supply retailer. A good, water resistant bag or box is worth the investment to keep your supplies in good condition - remember that Vet Wrap will be ruined if it gets smashed or squished. If you are going to use a combined first aid kit - for human and pet use - be sure you add extra supplies for your pet(s).

There are commercially made pet first aid kits in a wide variety of sizes and kinds, if you choose not to make your own! Just be cautious of first aid kits that include medications - our pets cannot have many human medications and those that they can require very specific doses. Talk to your vet if you are interested in learning about what medications to have on hand for your pet(s).

Pet Rescue Education sells three sizes of pet first aid kits; adventure, home and professional! Check out our store page above for pet first aid kit options!

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