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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in a pet first aid & CPR class?

Can I bring my pet?

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Pet First Aid & CPR Syllabus

You will learn the essentials of pet health & emergency care. Our information covers both cats and dogs. Some of our topics are; choking, bleeding, seizures and poisonings, including some ways to help prevent emergencies and what to expect at the vet. Our class includes hands-on skills practice!

Please refrain from bringing your pet to any of our classes. Our classes are for humans only, however you will leave class feeling confident about how to do an exam on your own pet! 

Do you offer certification? 

Every student will receive a basic Pet Rescue Education certificate at the end of their class. For enhanced credibility, those who attend the professionals add-on will take a written & skills exam to become a Professional Pet Rescuer. These students must demonstrate knowledge retention and skills competence, re-certify through our organization every two years and will be listed in our registry. 

Where do you get your information & who verifies the certifications?

Currently, there is not an agency that oversees what information is taught in pet first aid courses. There are franchises & businesses - like ourselves - who offer their own version of certification, since none exists. 

Our information is verified and updated twice a year by NVA veterinarians and taught by experienced instructors . Dr. Laura McLain DVM, our oversight veterinarian, has been working with family pets & working dogs for over 20 years. She is also Utah Task Force 1 Search & Rescue's veterinarian - deploying alongside our first responders in national emergencies to keep their search dogs healthy. 


Our programs, including our Pet Rescuer certification, is modeled after the human world like EMTs or paramedics. Our Pet Rescuer certification is the ONLY pet first aid certification in the nation that requires student to pass a test. We pride ourselves on our rigorous testing process and are extremely proud of our certified Pet Rescuers! 

I own a pet-related business. Can you come teach my employees or offer a private class just for my clients?

Absolutely! We offer discounts to private group classes. Please reach out to us to learn more! 

Can I get CE credit?

Both classes are able to award 3 CE credits through IAABC and CCPDT & 4 credits to PACCC. We can also offer NADOI CE.


Have a request for another source? Let us know and we can apply!

Who will teach my class? Can I become an instructor?

We are currently seeking instructors in our Utah, Oregon, Idaho, & Washington markets!

Our instructors must have minimum three years of experience working in a vet clinic. Preference is given to candidates with five or more years experience, human medical experience, and college graduates. Candidates should be self starters, enjoy meeting new people and answering questions, are well organized and ambitious within their career. 

Pet Rescue Education offers competitive pay, set your own schedule, and unrivaled support within your market! This is a great way to earn extra money on the side of a regular job.

Maddie, founder of Pet Rescue Education, is our main full time instructor. She has worked as a veterinary technician in regular and emergency vet clinics since 2011, a working EMT-A/firefighter since 2013, and FEMA K9 handler since 2013. Her certifications include: NREMT Advanced EMT & TECC, Veterinary Tactical Group T3C, FEMA IS-00010.a and more.