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Pet First Aid & CPR Classes

Serving Utah, Idaho, Oregon and surrounding areas

Basic Pet CPR & First Aid Class

Get answers to common questions like:

When should I take my pet in for vomiting?

How do I remove a tick?

What is bloat and what can I do to prevent it?

Should I get my dog the rattlesnake vaccine?

Plus, feel empowered to...

Stop serious bleeding

Do CPR or rescue bleeding

Place a bandage or splint

Our basic first aid class is approximately 3.5 hours long and covers the essentials of pet emergency care including how to do an exam, what to do if your pet is not breathing, how to stop serious bleeding, snake bites, seizures, poisoning and more. Class includes instruction, take home handbook, certificate and hands-on practice. 

Professionals Add On Class

CE Credit Available

For all our groomers, doggy daycare techs, pet sitters, and other pet pros, we offer an add-on class to take your training to the next level. This class is only available to those who have taken our basic course and will add topics like good business practice, sanitation, wound care, managing large groups and more! This add-on can be scheduled immediately following a basic course, or at a later date. CE credit available from: CCPDT, IAABC, PACCC and more. We also offer CE for our basic course.

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Seasonal Seminars

Discover more

We offer seasonal seminars, one hour each, that go into great detail on a specific topic. Seasonals are a great way to learn useful information, get a feel for our content and class, and learn more!

Winter 2019: Disaster preparedness with pets - how to prepare for larger scale emergencies with your pets, including shelter in place, evacuations, and backcountry survival.

December 7th, 2019 10AM-11AM @ The Gateway


2020 Topics

Spring: Cat behavior & training seminar

Spring #2: Field day - practice first aid skills & off leash commands with your pup on the trail!

Summer: TBD - submit your requests!

Fall: Utah & Oregon Professionals Add-On Course

Winter: TBD

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